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My Life As A Liar (art by Caitlin Bailey, words by Gabrielle Moss).

When I first read this, I thought: “This is the story of my goddamn life.” I mean, I never took tennis lessons, but the rest of it…being a ‘gifted’ child and then turning into a fuck-up, defying your parents’ expectations of what you should/could be. It is best summed up by this line: “…when ‘gifted’ kids grow up, their capacity to be good at everything seems to almost always be exceeded by their capacity for self-destruction.” I mean - whoah, right? That is way too real. Also, the drawings are killer.

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Why is that girl from Kill La Kill challenging Bro Strider cosplaying a cup of noodles to a game of Duel Monsters while Aoba from DMMD watches nervously and that blond guy from YGO 5D (I think) is plotting in the background.  

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